Grey’s (Transmedia) Anatomy

13 years, 13 seasons, 269 episodes. It is safe to say that over it’s long life Grey’s Anatomy has made quite an impact. With so many dedicated fans, it is no wonder the show has had such a long life and has been spread across so many platforms. This large fan base has always demanded more, when the content they were receiving failed to meet expectations they began to create their own.  This user creation has allowed for the once just simple television show to reach an almost liquid multi-form status.

As an avid fan myself, I thought the best way to demonstrate Grey’s Anatomy to be Transmedia was through examining the fandoms ‘anatomy’ with a mind map. If you click the image below, the interactive mind map will open with links on most branches to elements of the fandom.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 12.46.55 pm

giphy (3)

As illustrated above, it seems Grey’s fans have touched every corner of the web with their passion and creations. It can certainly be seen to meet Henry Jenkins ideas of transmedia, “a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience.”

When looking at the complex, often non-linear web above you can jump into any element without having explored those surrounding it and understand it’s contents. The Producers and creators have come up with extensions of the show in order to transform them into multiform stories. You can see above, the story extends past just the television show and takes on the forms of a second television series which connects into the fictional world, a video game, as well as two webisodes. 

Fan fiction also plays a large role in extending the fictional universe past it’s television parameters. The dark blue section of the map demonstrates a few of the largest Grey’s fan fiction online hubs however there are thousands more the deeper you delve.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 1.02.40 pm

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 1.10.25 pm

The show due to it’s constant and high demand for content from both ABC producers and fans allows it to stay modern and constant. Meeting all current memes, and fitting into current culture. The video below demonstrates this as it is a spin off of a 2004 movie that has surely now been watched more times in parody forms than its original.




10 thoughts on “Grey’s (Transmedia) Anatomy

  1. GIRLLLL !!! I love this blog post so much, I feel this on a spiritual level. Currently watched 5 seasons in the past 2 weeks and still going. I loved how you showed how Greys has infiltrated all different media platforms and 100% agreeing with this post as I as a fan still demand more. The video was perfect and the mind map was so interactive. This is my favourite blog post, LOVE!!

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  2. Thank-you so much! oooh season 5 I hope my video wasn’t a huge spoiler for you… Also feel free to hit me up for any emotional support you may need, it’s a rollercoaster. i’ve got your back. So so glad another fan found this!!!

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  3. The use of a mind map was really good, as it broke down the entire transmedia process and made it easier to understand. I like how you used heaps of hyperlinks, so I could look further into the show and all the platforms it reached across. Really interesting read for someone who’s never seen greys anatomy. Great blog post!

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  4. Hey Brittany,
    This is such an extensive post and is a perfect example of transmedia in play. Although I’m not a fan of Grey’s Anatomy myself, I can completely see where you’re coming from. I really like the interactive mind map that you’ve included, it really puts the whole ‘Grey’s Anatomy World’ into perspective. I also particularly like your inclusion of the ‘Hitler reacts’ meme video – it really shows how extensive a single meme can become. Honestly can’t think of anyways for you to improve this!
    Awesome post,

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  5. Hey Brittany, I thought this was a great post as it was really well thought out! It was super helpful that you used the mind map as it would help others understand how Grey’s Anatomy has reached out to so many platforms and what not. It really puts everything into perspective, like how just on television show can impact a whole audience and can create new products such as merchandise or fanfics. Again, I thought this was a great post as I am also a huge fan of the television series!!

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  6. Hey Brittany, I’ve been reading over this blog post a few times, and I am really enjoying your post. This is one of the few blog posts I can’t relate to – but yet I still found it rather intriguing. I’ve only been enjoying ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ from afar; pretty much only watching it when my mum is watching it in the dining room. I’ve also noted that it is super old though – and the thought ‘how do they keep this show going’ has definitely ran through my mind a few times whilst watching. Overall a really well structured and well-worded blog too, so keep up the great writing!


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