Copywrong and Outdated

Copyright in essence, is an archaic greedy toddler leftover from a time when we actually believed we’d be better off not sharing our ideas with others. Growing up in this digital age I am always sharing, reading, editing and building upon. Copy right was never more than a legal annoyance that for the most part, I disregarded.  Copyright now, as an adult enrages me. It ignores the creative, derivative, consumer content based world in which we now live and continues to push its obsolete passive values upon us. And why? So the legacy media giants will one day own the entire world? leaving us to just exist in it… making no impact at all? No thank-you.


Copyright, to my generation seems out of place. Our creativity and sharing is criminalised. Michael Mandiburg offers refreshing insights including his statement that “we can’t make our kids passive the way I, at least, was. We can only make them “pirates”.  Another individual with the right idea is Nina Paley, who actively disregards copyright from her own mind set as she believes it serves to sensor our thoughts in a similar way to brain damage (as shown below). She makes a valid point that “most artists do not make their livings from copyright. most artists, if they make a living at all, make their living through commissions, grants, work for hire, and donations.” Copyright restricts access to their work. Why would any modern day artist not want their work shared in every way possible?

In the age of this mass creation and sharing on such huge online global platforms, I cannot begin to fathom why artists want to keep their work to themselves. Why restrict our culture? Surely that implodes culture in itself. Let us seek “Free cultures” those “cultures that leave a great deal open for others to build upon” . In our anything but passive society, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Let’s collectively grow the public domain. Let us be the ones to abolish copyright and continue to grow the creative, free flowing, anything but linear culture copyright so greatly fears.

There is no longer a place for copyright to sit on the same shelf, within our active creative world we have worked so hard to shape. Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 12.41.18 am

(P.S feel free to use my art from this post!)


One thought on “Copywrong and Outdated

  1. Hey, Louis here. i was wondering whilst talking about copyright, how long do you think an artist or company should be able to hold onto their IP before it becomes public domain, the company that owns the “happy birthday” song have a rediculously long patent on that song, and they are not the original owners? in this case and many others. do you believe that you shouldn’t be able to renew a copyright patent on a intellectual property?

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