Rise of the Robo-Journalist

People have a tendency to speak about ‘the media’ as something out of their control, beyond their grasp, almost non-human and now, it is.  Software  has been created to mimic and manipulate their own work in order to satisfy the ever increasing demand for news. These robot journalists are often the first “to report on the breaking news” making them the obvious choice.


Humans are curious creatures when it comes to their use and understanding of the media. For example, Journalist John C Dvorak has written an entire piece on ‘the myth of the robot journalist’ the title itself denying the existence of the centrepiece of his own article! It can not be forgotten that journalists make up part of the robot journalism audience too and they certainly have a lot to say about their profession  being handed over into mechanical hands. Comments like “what a crock” and calling their work simply “regurgitation” make their feelings blatantly obvious.  Others however, sit on the side of realism admitting “it’s all over now”  they choose not to close their eyes to the fact “robots are now writing news stories and doing a good job”.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.25.43 pm

To the youth of this generation, it seems a tale as old as time. The one-sided, set in concrete “hierarchy” is overthrown by the power of the people demanding more and more, pushing the “decentralized collaborative organization” in every element of the dying profession. With the technology giants like China now “in the throes of an automation revolution” assisted by an “instant messaging service” the rest of the world will soon follow suit.  Who could blame them, haven’t you heard yet? We are the media.  Just try and stop us.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 7.44.18 pm.png


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