NEWSFLASH we are the media.

Citizen Journalism is the formal name for it, the concept that we all make up the media. Open your eyes! Speak out! There is no dark overlord controlling and spoon feeding you information and news. That was then and this is now. You control what you see. You create. With every post, share, like, search, text or photo you shape the world around you. This culture has been evolving rapidly. You are the modern journalist, you don’t need a desk stacked high with press releases or an editor. You have an iPhone.


Citizen journalism isn’t just based around the “collection, dissemination, and analysis of news” but rather any practice involving sharing thoughts or ideas for others to see. I consider myself to be practicing citizen journalism through my ongoing project ‘The Paws of Figtree Park’. I have created a web page, Facebook page and an Instagram presence open to the world wide web. The pages are still a work in progress and I have documented part of this process to demonstrate how simple citizen journalism can be, It is not always iPhone videos or interviews that have made in onto the 7pm news, but can be any tiny move you make online. Own it.

The image below provides some food for thought, all these ideas, thoughts and snippets being constantly shared every minute of every day of every week. How naive were we to ever think the ‘real journalists‘ have all the power? Go forth and take the reins. 



8 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH we are the media.

  1. Hey Britt,

    Your commendable take on citizen journalism has made the concept and its impacts both relatable and easy to understand. I really enjoyed the ‘TIME’ Magazine remediation. Was this your own work? I couldn’t find it in the article hyperlinked to the image so I’m assuming it is. If so, it’s a great remediation that implicitly highlighting the influence of social media and citizen journalism on legacy media. You have used great sources and I think it would enhance your post even more if you added a description about them and their significance in relation to your argument.
    Great post.


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  3. Hi Britt,
    I really enjoyed reading this article! It’s crazy how technology, the internet and social media networks have developed over the last couple of years. How much it has grown to reach the last photo you posted. With that much activity per a minute all over the world it is not surprising that these networks have become a part of our everyday life. Anyone has the ability to post whatever they want and it has the ability to reach anyone. This allows anyone to be able to just post anything on Facebook and it has the potential to reach millions of people. The power of social media should not be overlooked, I believe that it is more powerful and has the ability to reach more people than any news station.

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  4. Hey Brittany, i really enjoyed reading your post. good job! πŸ™‚ Your clear analysis of what citizen journalism was well executed, and provided insight that ‘we’ as society really do make up the media as a whole. I strongly agree with this quote. It is true in believing that we control exactly what we see and what we decide to create. I really appreciated the link between both culture and technology and how fast we are evolving as a society. I can completely relate to this statement, after mentioning this in my own blog post. The image located below your blog reiterates the dramatic growth in technology over the last couple of years. Its astonishing to see how much activity occurs all around the globe over a very short period of time. The use of hyperlinks throughout this post made it easier to expand my own knowledge regarding this issue. Well done.

    Here is a link i thought might be of interest to you which discusses the rise of citizen journalism, along with other interesting facts.

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  5. Hey lovely! I really enjoyed this post of yours. The concept of citizen journalism is crazy right! It’s like you dont even need a degree anymore thanks to technology and social media (although that is awful for journalism students). Your youtube video was also so good and well put together! Also, amazing use of hyperlinking everything we need to know, i appreciate that ! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚ xx

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